Powers of Attorney

Powers of AttorneyA Power of Attorney (POA) is a written document that authorizes someone else to do something on your behalf, often times in regards to property or health.   When you give someone power of attorney, you are not giving up the right to manage your own affairs.  Instead, you are saying that if a situation arises when you cannot manage your own affairs (i.e. due to an accident or illness), this person is the person you want to help.  By signing powers of attorney, you are naming the person of your choosing to act on your behalf, not someone who would otherwise be appointed by statute or the court.  Although Illinois has standard forms that can establish a POA, there are often details specific to your situation that will not be addressed by the standard form.

A POA gives your agent the power to deal with your property during your lifetime, while a will determines how your property is to be distributed after you die.  At your death, your power of attorney, by law, automatically terminates.

Mr. Nichelson will create POA’s to ensure your specific needs are met.  By having a knowledgeable attorney draw up a POA for you, it can help keep things running smoothly during a time that may be very stressful and emotional for your family.