Referral Services

Referral ServicesWhen you are not feeling well, you initially go to your primary doctor for a diagnosis.  If your doctor believes that your illness may be due to a heart problem, he or she may refer you to a heart specialist who your doctor knows and trusts.  Likewise, when you have any legal problem, you should begin by contacting your primary attorney.  If your primary attorney does not handle a particular legal issue, then he or she should refer you to another attorney who concentrates in that area of law.

Nichelson Law Office has a network of attorneys who concentrate in legal matters that we do not handle.  These are attorneys who we know and trust, which is a much better referral than looking through a phone book and calling an attorney at random!  At no cost to you, our office can refer you to attorneys who handle cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, automobile accidents, and workers compensation.